The bulk of my teaching experience (1984- present) is in historical musicology – principally the music of the later eighteenth century, but also music of the renaissance – in lectures, seminars and individual tutorials. My contribution to postgraduate teaching has included taught MA units and supervising PhD and M.Phil. research students. In addition to historical musicology, I have coordinated and sometimes delivered individual and group teaching in performance units within the department. At all levels of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes my teaching derives strongly from my ongoing research; I firmly believe that this is the most appropriate context for teaching at tertiary level, encouraging students to appreciate that the published scholarship (including my own) that forms the core of their studies is not ‘set in stone’, but subject to continual interrogation and nuancing. I have extensive and varied experience of teaching on our Lifelong Learning programmes. I also contributed to postgraduate teacher training programmes offered by the Bristol Graduate School of Education and mentored postgraduate teachers departmentally.

Typical modules taught have included Mozart Piano Concertos, Mozart Sonatas and Quartets, Performance Practice in the 18th Century, The Classical Sonata, Classical Chamber Music, English Sacred Vocal Music of the Renaissance, 16th-century Keyboard Music in England, The 16th-century Motet. Over the years, I have taught widely across the undergraduate curriculum in music history, analysis, performance and pastiche composition, with the exception of studio composition techniques.

I have experience of all the typical HEI teaching situations: lecture, seminar, individual supervision, one-to-one and ensemble instrumental coaching, etc.

I have successfully supervised a range of postgraduate degrees at all levels including PhD, M.Litt, M.Phil and MA.