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(*Distribution: Harmonia Mundi UK; also available on iTunes; **Naxos) Clarinets by Arrangement* – a CD of arrangements for clarinets and fortepiano c.1800 of chamber works by Mozart, Beethoven and Lefevre. Jane Booth (clarinets and basset horn) John Irving (fortepiano) sfzmusic SFZ MO310 (April 2011) 66.34 Sonatas from the Court of Salzburg: Leopold Mozart & his

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Journal Articles (recent selection)

“Listening Again and Again: Mozart’s Music in Niemetschek’s ‘Life’” in Ad Parnassum 21(2008), pp.7-18 ‘Mozart’s Words, Mozart’s Music: Untangling an Encounter with a Fortepiano and its Remarkable Consequences’ in Austrian Studies 17 (2009), pp.29-42 ‘Creating Haydn’s Sonatas at the Keyboard – Performer Rights and Responsibilities in Historical Performance“, Musicology 16 (2014), pp.31–46. / Џон Ирвинг,

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Book Chapters (recent selection)

“Performance in the eighteenth century”, in The Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Music ed. S. Keefe (Cambridge, 2009), pp.435-53 ‘Angleterre’, in Guide de la Musique de la Renaissance ed. F. Ferrand (Fayard; Paris, 2011), pp.1045-1184 ‘Deconstructing Topics: Tracing their status in the Allegro of Mozart’s Piano Sonata KV332 (300k)’, in Mozart 1756-1791 Quinto Semonario di Filologia

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The Instrumental Music of Thomas Tomkins, 1572-1656 (Garland Press; New York & London, 1989), ISBN 0-8240-2011-1. 2 vols. in one ix + 235 pp; xi + 181 pp (revision of PhD thesis) Mozart’s Piano Sonatas: Contexts, Sources, Style (Cambridge, 1997) xxii + 211pp. ISBN 0 521 49631 4 re-published by CUP as an ‘e-book’ Mozart:

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